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Nurture your little one's sense of wonder with specially crafted PreK and Kindergarten units. Building foundational knowledge has never been so fun!

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Time To Get Your Library Card

What is a Flash Membership?

Similar to the Audible membership experience, you will receive monthly credits. Credits can be used to purchase Unit Studies and other products at a discounted price.

Why become a Flash Member?

Flash Library members gain access to the entire library, while non-members will wait for individual studies to be released to the Free and Public Libraries

Which membership is right for me?

The Basic Flash ($9.00/Month) gives you one credit each month. This will allow you to purchase a Basic Unit Study at no charge, or apply discount to premium Unit Studies or other products.

The Premium Flash ($27.00/Month) gives you three credits and allows for Custom Flash access. Learn more about custom flash here.

What if I'm not ready to commit?

No problem! Each week we feature a new in-depth public unit. Immerse in topics like Mythological Creatures, Rainforest, and Horses. But don't wait, these units have a 30 day availability before they are returned to the Premium Library.

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