Lunar Cycle

The lunar cycle unit study was the first release from Flash Library. We launched the unit at the end of July in preparation for the Sturgeon Super Moon. It has become an instant favorite for homeschoolers, co-ops, and alternative learning kindergarten educators. 

August 2023 is a special month encompassing a full lunar cycle from start to finish with the Sturgeon Moon on the 1st of August and the Blue Moon on the 31st of August. 

Lunar Cycle will be the anchor of the Flash Library Space Collection, currently in production. The Lunar Cycle Group Lesson involves a choose-your-own adventure story that continues the journey of Luna The Moonkeeper, a fan favorite of the Flash Library character stories. Additionally, it will include a Lunar Cycle Tell-It exercise and a group craft project. The Lunar Cycle Unit Study and Lunar Cycle Group Lesson will always be available in the Flash Library Core Lessons which are available for free to all parents & educators. 

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