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Spark your student's imagination and feed their curiosity with our library of Flash Unit Studies. Each thematic study combines history, literature, arts, sciences and more into one cohesive learning adventure.

Transport learners to new worlds as they delve into cultures in Ancient Greece or visit destinations in Australia. Navigate epic myths, experiments and hands-on crafts. Discover pivotal figures in Frida Kahlo and complex ecosystems in Apex Predators.

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What is a Flash Membership?

Similar to the Audible membership experience, you will receive monthly credits. Credits can be used to purchase Unit Studies and other products at a discounted price.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

Why become a Flash Member?

Flash Library members gain access to the entire library, while non-members will wait for individual product drops.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

Which membership is right for me?

The Basic Flash ($9.00/Month) gives you one credit each month. This will allow you to purchase a Basic Unit Study at no charge, or apply discount to premium Unit Studies or other products.

The Premium Flash ($27.00/Month) gives you three credits and allows for Custom Flash access. Learn more about custom flash here.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

What if I'm not ready to commit?

No problem! Each week we feature a new in-depth public unit. Immerse in topics like Mythological Creatures, Rainforest, and Horses. But don't wait, these units have a 30 day availability before they are returned to the Premium Library.

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