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Custom Flash (Example: Endangered Species In The Style of Pokémon)

Custom Flash (Example: Endangered Species In The Style of Pokémon)

Our Custom Flash unit studies can be ordered each month. We love injecting the child's interests and hobbies into their learning experience and styling the art in a way that will engage them a little more than the average unit. Your child will even play a role in the Character Story written for the study, and who know's maybe they'll be featured on the podcast (parents can decline this option). 

Custom Flash is only available to Premium Memberships and we anticipate they will sell out quickly each month, so make sure to sign up for our text alerts to not miss the Custom Flash launch announcements.
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MEMbership faq

Time To Get Your Library Card

What is a Flash Membership?

Similar to the Audible membership experience, you will receive monthly credits. Credits can be used to purchase Unit Studies and other products at a discounted price.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

Why become a Flash Member?

Flash Library members gain access to the entire library, while non-members will wait for individual product drops.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

Which membership is right for me?

The Basic Flash ($9.00/Month) gives you one credit each month. This will allow you to purchase a Basic Unit Study at no charge, or apply discount to premium Unit Studies or other products.

The Premium Flash ($27.00/Month) gives you three credits and allows for Custom Flash access. Learn more about custom flash here.

Basic Flash or Premium Flash

What if I'm not ready to commit?

No problem! Each week we feature a new in-depth public unit. Immerse in topics like Mythological Creatures, Rainforest, and Horses. But don't wait, these units have a 30 day availability before they are returned to the Premium Library.

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